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Montpellier Medieval Festival

New France Special

-for the 350th of the seigniory


20th, 21th and 22nd days of Septembre 2024 


4 rue du Bosquet
Montpellier, Quebec

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Schedule 2024


24th day of May

17 rue principale, Montpellier

Door opens: 17h 

Event : 18h30 until you fall

The Festival - New France Edition

Welcome to the New France Edition of the Medieval Festival of Montpellier in Outaouais!

Immerse yourself in an immersive experience where the boundaries of time fade away, transporting you to the heart of the rich and diverse history of New France. Whether you don the attire of a knight, a woodsman, a lady of high society, or simply bring your curiosity, our doors are wide open to you within our mushroom village!

Our festival is committed to promoting not only fencing but also recognizing the importance not only of the heritage of our ancestors but also of the Indigenous cultures that shaped these lands long before the establishment of the Seigneury of Papineau.

With a focus on revitalizing local communities and preserving ancient knowledge, our festival provides a showcase for local artisans, producers, and merchants offering creations inspired by New France and simple pre-industrial techniques. Stroll among the stalls brimming with unique treasures, sparkling jewels, and period creations, while supporting these talented actors of our heritage.

Join us for a journey through the ages where history, entertainment, and intercultural dialogue harmoniously converge. Welcome to our world where the past and present meet to create an unforgettable and enriching experience for all.

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Not a LARP, not a Reconstitution: a Unique Festive Event

The Montpellier Medieval Festival is a festive outdoor experience and represents a significantly different activity from a LARP (Live Action Role-Playing), a Trade Fair in a convention center, or even a strictly historical reenactment event.

All of these activities offer immersion in the medieval world, but with distinct perspectives and approaches. LARP brings enthusiasts together in a specific scenario and often includes fantastical and imaginative elements, while historical reenactment, as often seen in Quebec, is based on historical writings and artifacts with an extreme emphasis on accuracy. The Trade Fair, on the other hand, is often held in a city, in a convention center, and serves as a place for enthusiasts to discover and purchase products from various artisans.

At the MFF, anyone who loves the medieval spirit, whether it's historical, artisanal, festive, fantastical, or artistic, is welcome. No one should feel limited! Similar to the energy of cultural festivals or beer discovery events, the Montpellier Medieval Festival is a grand celebration where visitors, whether in costume or not, can explore various aspects of medieval life through performances, demonstrations, artisans, and activities. There are historical elements, games, workshops, and a marketplace, among other things.

The MFF aims to distinguish itself from other Eurocentric events by encouraging participants to bring their own heritage. Although Europe is overrepresented in the "Medieval" axiom, the medieval period occurred all over the world, and all are welcome to showcase their culture, whether they come from the Orient, Africa, America, or any region where the medieval period is less known to the general public.





Help us reduce the logistical burden on our volunteers and save money by purchasing online in advance!


You are free to come for only one day.

However, as the price of the FMM pass is cheaper than single-day access tickets to other medieval events, we cannot divide the price by day.

Thank you for your understanding. 



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Knowledge Corner

Did you know that

A unique game in New France was the "Jeu de la Crosse," also known as the "Jeu de Paume." This game was a simplified version of the traditional lacrosse game practiced for centuries by Indigenous peoples. French settlers adopted this game and adapted it by using smaller racquets and balls made of wood or leather filled with feathers. Players would use their racquets to hit the ball and pass it through goalposts placed at each end of the field. This historical game from New France is often considered the precursor to modern hockey. Thus, the "Jeu de la Crosse" not only represents a historical pastime but also an important cultural link between Canada's past and present.

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